Your BIG canoe adventure begins here...

Prepare to be launched on a journey of a lifetime. 125 miles of exploration and discovery as you experience the thrill of navigating your way down Britain’s longest river.

Escape to the river....

Fall in love with the unspoilt scenery, wonder at river wildlife up close and relax & absorb the absolute beauty and tranquillity.

Your staycation adventure

Disappear into the landscape for a week, camping and canoeing, reconnecting with a slower pace as you voyage downstream.

Discover more....

Meander your way down through nine historic towns and cities. Take time off boat to explore the local heritage, sample the food, and make memories along the way.


Enjoy nights star gazing as you camp under dark skies. Cook on an open fire, or nip into one of the fascinating historic market towns along the way for a local food experience.

You’ll be escaping into nature, becoming one with the unspoilt landscape and have the wildlife come right to you.

Our adventurers' reviews...

You’ll be provided with everything you need for this unforgettable trip including:

Supplied with only the best boats & equipment

Have most of the planning done for you, making sure all travel logistics are taken care of and give you a range of options for accommodation tailored to your group.

Full safety briefing and canoeing guidance.

Information and guides for things you can see and do on the way.

Your boat is safety tracked and support available 24-7.

Makes sure you can turn up and get going with minimal fuss on your unique Big Severn Adventure.

To ensure you get an exclusive experience we only take 1 group/boat booking per scheduled departure slot.

Your Big Severn Adventure Trip Highlights

You’ll be canoeing the navigable length of the UK’s Longest River – The Severn 125 miles.

This really will be your unique trip, as such is the changeability of the river and variety of people you’ll meet, places to see and visit along the way.

Immerse yourself in an ever-changing countryside where no two days are the same & explore timeless long stretches of the peaceful tranquil river.

You will find real peace and quiet, perfect for getting away from it all. Take a break on a beach riverside, enjoy a picnic & soak in the serenity.

Explore areas of outstanding natural beauty & see British wildlife up-close, from kingfishers to rare herons as well as mink, otters, voles & dragonflies.

You’ll be free to visit the historic riverside towns & cities dotted along the trip – we’ll point you to great food and interesting things to do.

You’ll take in spectacular local landmarks and paddle right underneath the world-famous bridge in the breath-taking Ironbridge Gorge.

You’ll gain a real sense of adventure and achievement no matter how long you take to travel the length of the river.

Feeling inspired? Your big adventure awaits…